Caught between Norway and South Africa, Oda explores themes of culture, landscapes, a sense of belonging, and of self.

Live from the my workspace in Cape Town

Live from the my workspace in Cape Town



(born 1992 in Bergen, Norway)

Oda Tungodden is an artist residing and working between Cape Town, South Africa and Bergen, Norway. In 2018 she finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.

She has hosted several group exhibitions around Cape Town as well as well as a solo pop-up show in her home country Norway. Her work can also be seen in the shape of massive murals on walls around Cape Town.

Oda’s paintings occupy the space between reality, perception and imagination. Rooted in her own experiences, she use her artistic practice to explore her childhood memories in Norway, the origins and fluidity of her beliefs. Oda is fascinated by how we, as people, narrate and construct our understanding of ourselves in the world we live in, and the changes these stories undergo as we are informed by new knowledge and experiences.